Saturday, August 19, 2006

house? what house?

or, looked at it from a different perspective, brain? what brain?
yep. house has sold. we have to be gone by sept 1. matt's going to be in town from the 2nd to the 9th and I'm now back up at camp.

not much is different. lots of small cute kids running around. lots of not-english being spoken. however now when the computer bleeps at me it does so by bleeping and popping up a window all in korean script, at which point I blink at it and so far it's been working out. oh, and I don't understand a word of Korean.

grad schools make my head hurt.

final touches of knitting happening on SP's box. muahaha. I don't know why I cackled evilly there; I don't have much of a brain right now.

got some amazing yarn to knit Tubey from with. ok. off to eat-

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