Monday, August 14, 2006


so I have returned to civilization (albiet briefly) and my house is an alien creature. it's now on the market and there's rented furniture and "appropriate linens" and did you know you're not allowed to have books in the house? there's only two rooms in the house right now that have books, and the basement really shouldn't count because they're arranged by color and not by subject and paperbacks are also not allowed. my room is the other room with books; not sure why.

if you've ever been to my house, you should be looking for the alien pod people by now.

and there are two huge bouquets of calla lilies as decoration. yep. calla lilies. one on the dining room table and one on the endtable in the living room. ...where's the funeral? oh wait, we're selling a house. my bad.

anyway. haven't updated in a while but have obviously survived the last insane week of camp. much hilarity and overtiredness and general camp-ness. managed to not finish any of the knitting projects I had brought along.

dr who? knit another three feet. yay, only eight more to go? ish?
shawly thing? knit a row, got horribly confused, consulted mom, forgot advice, set back in bag.
the saami shawl? got taken out, breathed the brief light of day, was banished because of complete nonportability. (apologies for the confused metaphor.)
shruggy thing? ignoring pattern; it says I should have 10.5 inches of pattern and 68 stitches across after a certain number of rows- I'm definitely not even to 68 stitches (I checked and it IS mathematically impossible) yet and I have way more than 10.5 inches. in progress; not quite to body yet.
started a pair of wristlets in a gorgeous blended wooly yarn in desperation because I needed to finish something. if i had a working computer I'd post a picture as proof that I can actually finish things.
crocheted another pair of slippers.

opened my package of funwithyarn goodness today. mmmm. off to knit.

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