Tuesday, August 22, 2006

what is it about languages? I mean, seriously- I couldn't remember the katakana alphabet to save my life while I was actually taking japanese; why, then, does it insist on intruding and confusing my brain to no end when I'm trying to read/write in korean? gah. Murasaki stopped by for a visit and she and Min Chang were speaking japanese and then I got really confused.

once again, we have demonstrated that small drama queen girl plus "IknoweverythingduuuuuuhgoshIthoughteveryoneknewthat *flips hair*" equals complete and utter chaos. I hate living with the munchkins. just when I have no energy to fix things they start falling apart, and they're not yet old enough to understand that they don't have to be bestest best friends, and that's ok.

got cookies from my grandfather. mmm.

any suggestions for about 100yds of sportweight wool in a lovely grey/white/cream? I found a fun shawl pattern but it calls for 400 yards in a different weight.

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