Friday, May 09, 2008

and what have we learned today, kids?

hippie-Beserkeley-earth friendly-Whole Foods marshmallows do not melt. they fuse. straight from puffed sugary gelatin to soft ball, with no gooey, near-liquidy stage in between.

so. annoying.

now my gorp bars (rice chex, pretzel sticks, peanut M&M's (or dairy-free choco chips, as the case may be) held together with peanut butter and marshmallows) are...really weird trail mix. well, maybe not. maybe when they cool they'll harden up, and when I once again have feeling in my hands (see aforementioned 'straight-to-soft ball*') I might be able to cut them and package them. still. Casey might be getting dairy-free wicked strange globules of trail mix.

*soft ball candy? yeah. 235 degrees.

it's definitely a Fail. tomorrow will tell whether it gets upgraded to Epic Fail.

Last lab ever tomorrow! in....13.5 hours! (hm, kind of late.)

which means....the great Stefano De Santis quote roundup! (my favorites are in bold.)

"What does this mean? Does this mean that Europeans are cooler than Americans?…well, yes, but…”

“so if you put an ice cube in vodka, it should not float as much as in water. But don’t try it, because it’s not the way to drink vodka.”

“like this, there is no acceleration, so you cannot open your jam can and you starve. So don’t move vectors, you’ll starve.”

“we study it for two reasons: one is the merry-go-round, which everyone loves, you know, kids and adults, especially in America, you know, we don’t have it in my land-
-wait, you don’t have merry-go-rounds?
-yes, but once you are past the age of seven, you grow, you lose the fascination, you know.”

“you go to the parking lot and spin around, you know, when the police aren’t looking.”

“you can figure out the velocity of the artillery and you can bomb Paris, if you like.”

“this is probably the best thing you’ve seen. It’s also the most lethal. We lose one every time.”

“there is a gun that you can cock- I can use this word in this case!-“

“and now the projectile goes inside bob…I don’t like this giggling, I don’t understand why…”

“that’s how you open the jar of nutella, you know- you guys know nutella? That’s very good, it helps the Italian economy.”

“Now why did I say this makes sense? It actually doesn’t make sense, but this is how you remember it.”

“in the foot? Can I do CPR?”

“then for V2 you got this V2 and you, with the, you know, the V2…*godfather voice* like Vito, eh? You find the V1, and take out (the) bob.”

“If the doctor was out of goo, then he could spit on you and still get decent results. …I know, because he did it to me.”

“I was trying to give you an intuitive explanation, but it doesn’t exist.”

“and the book, it explains…no, it does not explain, but it’s an article of faith, which, being easter…*shrugs*”

“maybe you have a cocktail. Tea is not enough. So…drink alcohol.”

“Hey, I almost got a scholarship. For kicker. …you laugh?!”

“is like you have to combine one woman, and not four. …that’s applied physics!”

“it looks weird. Is like… short man and tall woman. People look at you. I know!”

“so, before this makes any less sense…”

and here he is...

and you wonder why the only thing I dislike about physics lab is that it's on saturday afternoons up in the oakland hills.

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