Thursday, May 08, 2008

don't worry. what follows is hyperbole and dramatic license.

So every Thursday, I walk into physics and see what random stuff the people who have used the room before us have written on the board. things like People for Peptol meeting 8pm sat, or snippets of economics lectures, or typical incoherent Berserkley ramblings, or once half of a greek 3rd declension noun that I valiantly struggled with not correcting all through the waiting for lecture to start. (I rationalized that she'd have to erase the board when the lecture started...but she didn' the break I couldn't take it anymore and went up and finished it. the few class members still in the room gave me funny looks, but at least my brain stopped itching.)

Today, with a week to go before the physics final, the stuff on the white board?

Suicide Awareness Week.

and for the first time ever, I understand the appeal.

(-^ hyperbole. honest. not going to do anything. I just never ever understood the point, and now I kind of do. but I have The Boy. and Family. and Friends. and yarn. and books. and music. and mama ocean. so even if I'm feeling like I'm at the bottom of the emotional marianas trench, at least I'm not actually there.)

although, bad example, because that'd be cool.

also, there's an island called Kaffeklubben, which is the northernmost point on land. (coffee club.)

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