Monday, May 12, 2008

*cue chorus of angels*


because I have finished my last. ever. masteringphysics problem set.


joy. rapture. a hard boiled egg.

and now, as a treat, I shall watch more Dexter.

which is pretty good, despite the fact that I find the way they're portraying Deborah to be totally contrary to my mental picture, which, since the guy who plays Vince and the guy who plays Doakes are dead on, will probably require rereading of the first two books. (yeah, like you'll have to twist my arm.)

although apparently the kids are normal, and not carrying mini Dark Passengers, which is sad, sad, sad.

c'mon. if CSI can have several sociopathic children on their show, why can't a Showtime show? I's Showtime. it's like HBO-fall asleep watching some funny little comedy, wake up to Super Real Sex XIXXI etc.

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