Sunday, May 04, 2008

first GTA....

...and now Lost.

When The Boy was chugging his way through Stargate: SG-1, I would happily watch with him. in the beginning, just cos it's MacGuyver, then because it was entertaining, and after the time loop episode, I'd watch it just to giggle every time I saw Teal'c.

When that turned into Stargate: Atlantis, I watched because it was habit, and now because Kaylee (Jewel Staite) is the head doctor-person, which makes me giggle internally,'s...kaylee. from firefly.

and then grand theft auto IV: liberty city came out and I lost him to the violence and the driving-into-stanchions-and-lightpoles because, y'know, city streets weren't meant for 90 degree turns at 90 miles per a mock escalade. this causes consternation, especially when it causes an uncontrolled spin and sticks him in place long enough for the police to catch up.

I'll watch a lot of video games. Tomb Raider, happily, even when the pseudo-attican temple puzzle was driving him crazy and I had to listen to the 'dying laura croft' soundbyte over and over and over. Mass Effect, sure, at least until the discord between the sound effects and the ambient music gets through my head and causes headache-by-resonance.

Not GTA. I'm not interested in trying to prevent others (provided they're over 18) from playing or owning or enjoying the game, but it's not getting my money, and it's not getting my time.

I digress.

Now, I've lost him to Lost. curses, foiled again.

what's the point? I watched the first season, mostly because my friends were watching and if I wanted to hang out, the syllogism had to be followed through. I was banned from speaking after the third episode. didn't really see the point- I understand that it's built around the development of the character instead of the development of the some point? the plot's gonna be kinda important.

I have some rabid friends who have been trying to get me to catch up on the seasons and they just know I'll be hooked because it's so awesome and intellectual and deep and wicked cool and I go 'yes, and boring' and I get the stunned look of sheer '...what?!'-ness.

and no, my dislike/avoidance/apathy in regards to Lost is not entirely based on the fact that a badly-animated polar bear menaced them. on a tropical island. polar + tropic = no. polar + much past subtropic = no.

they overheat- standing still- at 10 degrees C/50 degrees F.
they overheat in winter if they run too much. winter. polar winters.

running in for the attack or kill in tropical island? nuh-uh.

as an aside? best name ever for a lake: Lake El'gygytgyn.
especially since in cyrillic it looks even cooler. Эльгыгытгын.

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