Thursday, February 19, 2009


well, it was a good thing I packed my lunch today because dispatch sent us driving all over- and I do mean ALL OVER- the bay area. about the only place we didn't hit was the true north bay. it seemed like every time we talked to them it was "you can show us clear from *insert place here* and enroute to *insert place here*" and we would gaze longingly at various places as we drove past them. "'s that really good shaved ice place..." "...oo, that place has great burritos..." "...starbucks/peet's/tully's/coffee...sigh..."

But! got off mostly on time (stupid traffic I hate you die) and I got home in time to get online to get one of these before they all disappeared! for a good cause and the most awesome discworldy thing in a long time. space! and hawksbills! and discworld!

sent of my igor package to itth dethtination yethterday. was going to send off my section of the latest Dr Who scarf today but see aforementioned 'running all over the bay area' y'know? tomorrow.

ugh and the car gets to go for a checkup saturday at 0800 ICK which means I probably won't be making my noon appointment at origins, sad. grumblybrumgle.

Ssssh! Cow on wall speak!

also? this should not have made me laugh as hard as it did...but it did.

LIES! *snicker*

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