Saturday, February 21, 2009

I-I was weak.

yes, there is a Firefly quote for every occasion.

But it's true. I was going to be strong and not go buy Bone Crossed or Whisper to the Sleep but really, if I hadn't gone to get them, instead of spending five hours curled up in a Starbucks sortof-comfy-chair reading while nursing a cinnamon dolce latte, you'd be reading about the aftermath of a murderous rampage through downtown Oakland.

yes. five hours.

I was curiously disappointed with the new Dana Stabenow, but I think it's because I think I downed it like an Irish Carbomb and, while it left a good aftertaste, it wasn't as good as if you'd slowly drank the whole pint.

ok, so as a metaphor it didn't work so well, but if you love guinness and you've ever done a carbomb, you should understand it. Brittany and Anna get it. At least I think it was you two. Lord, that sounds horrible. I can't remember due to crappy memory, not drunken debauchery. Honest. I'm pretty sure I did the same thing with Small Favor, so a reread will be in order. See, authors? this is why you should write faster. *snort.*

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