Friday, February 20, 2009


So I spotted the newest Mercy Thompson (protagonist) book out as I was picking up The Boy's valentines day present (which was a book on astrophysics). I resisted the urge to purchase. I'm still trying to track down a library in my area that I can actually get to and isn't in sketchy parts of richmond. (hah.) and I am being virtuous and not purchasing unnecessary things. (although I need to go pick up a bottle of cinnamon dolce syrup so I can better resist the siren song of the cinnamon dolce latte. mmm. well, the siren song of the coffee shop, I guess, not the latte itself.)


I was checking my release dates and just went ZOHMYGOD (illustrated here by Friendly Hostility (which is an awesome webcomic (that's ending soon snif) but you should go read it anyway):)
(those faces in the beginning are the pertinent part. also, I heart Fatima.)

...because the newest Kate Shugak novel of Dana Stabenow's came out on the 17th of FEBRUARY and oh my god I want to go to a barnes and noble RIGHT NOW. RIGHT. NOW.

soooooo much. I totally could too. There's one right there. right down the street. and I have to be at the car dealership tomorrow by 0800 to give them my car so that they can check it and fix it and a book would totally be required to ease my pain, right? right? RIGHT?

do I get to amortize cost based on sanity? mom?

heh, I just realized that using a comic with Fatima to illustrate a point about that book is actually pretty apt, given that Kate is a cranky alaskan and Fatima is cranky and in alaska. oh, go read the comic already.

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Anonymous said...

What? where? Borders didn't have the new Shugak book. hmm I cry 'Foul'!