Thursday, March 05, 2009

do you really wanna catch us

oh do you really wanna get on that bu-us?

after a ridiculous few days at work, the best medicine? seeing huge moon rings and watching a cat play with an empty cardboard fridge-pak box. who knew that barq's (tried to spell that barques) held such feline allure?

also: currently topping the lists of "songs not to have in your head during rush hour in the am-ba-laince and your partner would not appreciate you singing:"

this one too.

and I <3 this chord. you know the one I'm talking about. right at 1:13.

(yes. that is murder she wrote.)
oh, man, am I having a ridiculous flashback to senior year. DAN! KEEP YOUR DAMN BLADE UP! JOHN! FEET! away away, my butt's on fire, cause I've been sitting on it all damn day... Kate, you so should have been Mabel when Luther did it. you rocked that madness.

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