Wednesday, March 04, 2009

shame. shaaaaame.

I am being a horrible swapper. but it's not my fault! I had my princess bride package all done and ready to send, all it needed was postage and delivery confirmation before starting its happy meandering way to its recipient.

then Friday From Hell (fuckyouverymuchdispatch) happened. and I've been carrying it around ever since. Tried to give it to The Boy to mail...then reconsidered. Also carried a moleskine around today that was going to get mailed...sigh...This whole working 9-5 thing is getting mildly annoying. anyone know if I can get delivery confirmation online? I have a scale, I can figure out how much postage I need...

got my princess bride package! will have a photo up tomorrow. miracle pills (chocolate coated, ocourse), a moebius felted purse, bangles, wax lips, and a ginormous squishy packet of bluefaced leischowever you spell it-SQUISHY WOOL GOODNESS-ter fiber. muahahaha. I heart you partner. heart heart heart.

still no news on the Igor front. USPS says my package made it to its destination, but haven't heard yet if it did. she said she was pretty busy when we last 'spoke' so hopefully that's all that happened. (thanks, UPS guy, for leaving my package from Mom^2 at my old doorstop on market street in oakland...yeah...good call.) especially considering you can't GET to my doorstop without calling me to buzz you in...

teryaki pork tenderloin in hotbox. the thing. you know. oven! that's the word. made onigiri for lunch but got seduced by bakesale betty's fried chicken sammich and freshbaked brownie and nummy nummy lemonade freeze (just like golden valley poolside! only in a lot smaller cup, sadly.) and only 5 dollars because bakesale betty's hearts the EMS. which is why we heart bakesale betty's. even if me and my monday partner forget every monday that they're closed until we've driven over there. sigh. anyway. actually got an onigiri mold when I bought my bento box (LOVE OMG LOVE) and man is it so much easier to make onigiri with actual, y'know, tools. as opposed to sticky fingers and saran wrap and measuring cups.

Ants! on my desk! dammit they're everywhere! I canna take it anymore cap'n!

but I digress. sorry. off to go beg forgiveness of my swapee.

ok, one more digression. Why Marit Learned To Close Her Laptop When She's Not Using It. comes home, wiggles mouse, this window appears. Thanks, Jayne. Don't think I'm not watching you and your nefarious kitten campaigns.

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