Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gratuitous Kitteh.

I think my email may have eaten my proposal, which makes marit sad. so does having helicopters run laps seemingly a foot above my roof at 2200 when I'm trying to sleep. They didn't stop until 2300ish. I don't care if they were zombies or a breakout from the police station...don't you people know I had to be up by 0300? siiigh. Biking this morning went fine until partway through my ride when the Light Of Elune became the Light Of Doom and began fading (and like most high-candlepower lamps, when they fade, they fade faaast.) just as I hit the darkest point of the ride. Now, of course, every zombie movie I've ever seen begins to play in my mind, AND the random function on my mp3 player flipped over to ambient trancey-creepyness* (I'm looking at you, phillip glass.). It's dark, it's cold, it's quiet, and the moon is a huge orange slice hanging low in the sky, and did I mention the fog? this fog didn't come on little cat feet. little godzilla feet maybe.

On the upside, I made my usual 10-12 minute ride in 7 minutes. Anyway, to make up for the whining, here's kitteh pictures. (I just cleaned out my memory cards, can you tell?)

*not usually creepy. usually quite nice. not at 0320 am after zombies have been mentioned. also, apparently I have the Coast Guard to blame. hope they found him.


Look, ma, I'm serious-cat! I swear! ...zzzzzzzzz

Raisins, guys. I know it's a crinkly red bag, but we've already established raisins =/= food. leave me alone. Also; Raz = longcat. he can get the first knuckles of his paws over the edge of the counter.

I come home one day and Raz is staring at the corner of the door. for hours. um...raz?

Just say no to catnip, Jayne! Jayne...that's the heater. stop rubbing it.

Why do you tempt fate, o hooman? you know I'm going to destroy that handspun the second you leave it unattended...oh, you want to sit? no. my chair. go'way.

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