Thursday, April 02, 2009

there is a plus side to recovering from Migrane Madness.

Scifi has been running a marathon of Marmot's favorite guilty pleasure.

what? if I'm going to be scrubbing bloodstains out, it might as well be to the tune of the sexiest theme song by the most awesome band ever with the so-jumpworthy* Adrian Paul.

yes I realize that that sends my geekness quotient into the stratosphere, and I don't care. one of my partners was playing with my phone, and one of the random songs I managed to get loaded is that theme song, and it played. He looked at me and said "HAH you totally just had a guilty little look on your face!" and I went "'s....Queen." and there was a long pause. "And I am somewhat of a sucker for guys with long hair and swords, so sue me." and he said "yeah, I saw that coming." I don't know why.

*total high school flashback. whoa. Hi Kirsten! oh man. his bassness. such young foolishness.

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Anonymous said...

hehe -- blame moi and open sunroofs whether sunny, overcast or snowing. Thank goodness for *quality* sound systems, Freddie and the gang. ahhh