Saturday, December 06, 2008

crazy time, part 2.

So The Boy is in the habit of torturing the cats. (every time I write torturing my fingers want to write Tortuga, and go watch pirates of the carribean. I am also totally and completely braindead from going through the FEMA incident command system crap, which may have something to do with it.)

he managed to trap Jayne in the boat a few days ago, and Jayne was fine with this until he realized he couldn't actually escape by playing the humans-poke-the-side-and-I-pounce-on-it-to-killkillkill game. at that point he started his pitiful oh-crap-I'm-going-to-the-vet-and-I'm-trapped mews. The Boy then released him.

Fast forward to tonight. I'm getting rid of the last of the Craig Ferguson shows left on the DVR and trying to finish this FEMA shit without breaking down in tears of the famed "oh my god really?" sort (don't worry, you'll see what I mean in a second.). I'm mostly tuning out the thuds, scrambles, clinks, and other various and sundry sounds that indicate the cats are in the middle of crazy time, and they're busily trying to kill each other. I hear a particularly worrisome thud, and see that the little flag at the top of the boat is no longer visible behind the couch. Not a big deal, they knock it over all the time.

but's quiet. Too quiet. ledere senses tingling! and at this point I hear a "...mew." I peer around the couch, and Jayne has managed to trap himself in the boat. so I grab the photo. No. I grab the camera, for to take photos. (sigh. see what you make me do, FEMA?)
Raz is coming to investigate the piteous mews. There is, however, A Giant Black Thing Right There and it might attack him, so caution must be exercised. The Giant Black Scary Thing hasn't attacked, so it's ok to venture underneath and investigate The Interloper (Jayne), although this is confusing because he can see him and he can smell him, but there's this weird blue stuff in the way...This one is with the flash, which is why Raz is sort of squinty, and is taken after Raz has carefully placed a paw right in front of Jayne's face, only to remove it and shake it. (Raz doesn't like the mesh feel. he's sort of a diva cat.)

Don't worry, I released The Kitteh from his jail after taking the pictures.

Anyway, so this FEMA crap I'm slogging through, for The Job, is a set of online courses and exams that you take to certify that you are a) not brain dead and b) speak governmentese. Why is this depressing? this screenshot:Yes, that's right. it's saying that a presidential directive requires homeland security to play well with others. As opposed to what? not coordinating with other federal depts? oh, florida just slid into the sea? oh, well, here's our plan for rescue and support and YOU CAN'T SEE IT neener neener neener go make your own?




The Stole is done!Rav has more photos.

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