Saturday, December 13, 2008


yep, that it does. that. it. does.

I'm in an odd mood, because I have had this song stuck in my head all day. aaaall day.

you know what that does to you? it makes your brain goo out your ears.

no, wait, that's watching the same flash videos over and over and over andoverandoveranoveranveranveravnererererer because insurance company-ese is evil and needs to die. especially ThomCo.

case in point? here is a snippet of flash video: "before entering the intersection, you should look left, ahead, right, then left again."
here is a snippet of test: "True or False: before entering the intersection, you should look left, right, and left again."

that'd be false, because for some reason they've decided that when you move your head from left to right, you close your eyes to avoid looking directly ahead. and now, it's obvious, but when you're taking the test you go oh, that's true, and move on, and try to figure out if they're doing something similar with the yelp time (turn siren to yelp at 150 when the question asks 'your siren should be changed to yelp mode at 100 feet" they mean it should already have been changed? curse you english and your lack of clarifying verb tenses!!

and osv. get it wrong, or otherwise fail to get a perfect score, and you get to go back to the beginning of the unit and watch everything. over. again.

and your brain turns to goo. and then you giggle really, really, really, really far more than you should when you find this video while searching for a better clip than the one above.

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