Monday, December 29, 2008


(for those of you not in the know, that's a very naughty word, held out for one leeengthy syllable, which means The Marmot is unhappy.)

So I finished my training on Thursday the 18th and called the schedulers on Friday the 19th to let them know I could be scheduled, but all over break when I checked to see when I'd be working, nothing was marked. blank calendar. I called yesterday and they apparently didn't get the message that I'd already called, despite me actually talking to a live person.
This afternoon around 1300 or so I checked and had a shift for Wednesday the 31st. Yay, I get to make money and feed the anemic bank account.
Tonight I check it (we're supposed to check after 1900 in case they change it on us) and Lo and Behold....

I work at 0400 tomorrow.

oh dear GOD IN HEAVEN. fæn. fæn fæn fæn. That means I have to be up at 0300, and it is 2137. FÆN.

whoever is sick and making me cover your shift? you'd better be in the ER.

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