Wednesday, December 03, 2008


The Universe is talking about having sex in outer space.

They just used this phrase: "I don't think anyone has probed the idea of sex in space." and "zero-g spot."


So The Boy and I exchanged Christmas presents early because a) neither one of us wanted to haul them all the way to Michigan and then back to Caliminifornia and b) he had to go to the city to pick it up at the same time as I wanted to hit up Bazaar Bizarre.

He got me a wii fit, which neatly lays to rest my hemming and hawing about whether I wanted to get one or not. Pretty fun so far, although he's a bit miffed because my wiifit age is only 22 while his is 35. the slalom balance game is a bitch, though. hair trigger on the board made worse by the fact that you're supposed to aim through the middle of the two wickets, and...uh...too many years of racing makes me aim for the inner radius of each pair, which is not condusive to getting a good score.

it's also mildly annoying because its main method of tracking your progress is by BMI, which is the biggest crock of bullshit ever invented. wanna see why? and yes, all the forum trolls have pointed out that people know how to buy clothes to make them look their best, and that the photos aren't standardized in regards to pose, etc, etc, etc... but still. I know I'm overweight, but I am not obese, and I know that the BMI is basically crap, but it's still annoying to hear the little 'wah wah wah' sound that plays when the wiifit measures me.

This was totally my childhood.

and this is a glimpse of the cats in the middle of their crazy time, when they go running like amphetamine-dosed balls of fluff down the hallway and over the couch and unsuspecting innocent bystanders. Here we see Jayne to stage right, realizing that p=mv, and that Raz has a lot more m, and thus a lot more p, and he's screwed. you can just barely see Raz in the top stage left corner. and those little popup cubey things you see there under the couch? the kittens managed to get them there. how? see aforementioned 'crazy time.'

Because Garfield is just sometimes exactly what you need.

This is also Raz. he's a bit darker, but the facial expression and everything else? Raz.

There is a shirt available based off of the last panel of this comic, but it's not tempting enough to beat out the "Fools! I will destroy you all! ask me how!" shirt or the "Stand Back: I'm going to try science!" or the "Science: it works, bitches." shirts.

And this just makes me laugh. oh, beaker.

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