Saturday, April 08, 2006

and another monster is born

Having been inspired by my mother finding knitting blog upon knitting blog upon spinning blog and being continually frustrated with the difficulties in putting pictures on my previous blog, I decided to begin anew. Also hoping that it will force me to finish the various projects on needles, in bags, on the floor, in the closet...eep. Also because I feel that I need yet another outlet for randomness and inanity and insanity.

hello, blog.

Today, I bought a fish to go in my early-birthday-present fishtank (thanks to Matt). It's a Calico Ryuking, and it looks like this:

(apologies for the snapshot. flourescent lighting leaves much to be desired when you're shooting a moving object with a macro lens, and flash photography + aquarium = no.) still. fish.

hello, fish.

it doesn't have a name yet, and as of yet has pretty much just been referred to as "fishy!" generally spoken in a highpitched voice. Matt now has "land fish" living in his room, otherwise known as an emerald swift and two green anole lizards. (the swift is also a lizard of some ilk.)

Fish has left the "aaaaaahwhat'sthat what's that what's that" stage and is now in the "food? not food. food? not food. food?" stage, although that might just be goldfish standard behavior. not sure. I haven't had a fish since I killed my pickle jar guppies in...grade school? junior high? A long time ago, anyway, and my other experiences with fish behavior have mostly been over fall semester.

What? Knitting? oh yes. I have at present in my dorm room about 6 projects on needles or in the dreaded skeins-of-yarn-inna-bag stage. I have two Fiber Trends Shoalwater Shawls in various stages of development- the one that's been languishing on the needles longer is the Classic Elite Yarn Miracle alpaca/tencel (left) and the one that I started because I needed small and portable to take with me to the TCI is an Artyarns Regal Silk (right).

I've got one scarf in Dale Tiur (mohair/wool) based off of the Dale pattern Gerbera (upper) and then another Dr Who scarf (lower) in mostly Rauma 3tr. Strikkegarn (wool) that will be done by graduation, I swear. Honest.

And then there's the wristlet I'm thinking of submitting to, which means I have to take my "knit until done" and turn it into a legible pattern. eep.

I think this has gotten long enough. Besides, pizza-and-boy calls. Next time: my other works-in-progress, ranging from my sculpture to my saami shawl.

If you haven't read Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next books (The Eyre Affaire, etc), then you should do so.

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