Sunday, April 09, 2006

learning has occurred.

well, at least some learning has. I could get one of the buttons to show up, the other doesn't, for reasons that elude me but whatever, it's technology- I'm amazed it worked at all. Had to change my layout away from the pretty one but maybe next weekend I'll be able to figure it out again. also going to try to figure out why the finished product looks different from when I write it. hm....

A jazz history exam and a first draft of my viking chronology of art paper are due monday, so that takes priority. ...sort of. I did spend most of Saturday going "fishy!" and playing outside.

Speaking of fishy, I've decided to name the fish Ovid.

My viney thing is taking over my desk, but I'm just happy that it's not dying. This is the first year it hasn't lived by a window.

Another thing to add to list of things-on-needles: Swatch for Jayne Cobb Hat for Kateswiegehts! whee!

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