Sunday, April 30, 2006

farwell 432- the capital city of procrastination

whee. time flies? sure. japanese quiz check. latin, mostly check. not even the caffeine was able to combat the effect cicero has on my brain at a certain point: oh well, that's what half-blocks are for. map quiz tomorrow shouldn't be a problem (thank you, 8th grade geography).

I started knitting these wristlets in a gorgeous gorgeous yarn from Michelle who is my new favorite person (newly replacing gretchen, who told me about this and oh man, am I in her debt) (whee, link-happy!). My first ever attempt at cabling. cable-ing? cableing? ah, the 0100-induced inability to least my paper is done. So far, so good. Picture tomorrow.

knit another three color bands of Dr Who the other day. siigh. so unending. nono- bad attitude. Yay! I knit another three color bands! only 36 left to go! er...yay?

still haven't touched the saami shawl or the other things, but finished the slippers (gave them to my mum, whose sanity is in dire straits what with the explody-house-of-fun, but at least she'll have happy feet.) Mom, don't fall down or up the stairs while you're wearing them. I probably should have made soles for them...oh well. my leather is home.

anyway. time for sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Kjaere Marit,
Don't worry - happy feet and am watching the stairs!
loving my gift. mor