Thursday, April 20, 2006

knitting and GREs and crapfourweekstograduation, oh my...

ha-ah! I'll make up for the lack of crafty stuff in the last post by overloading in this one.

'tis a joyous day indeed for I have finished my hands! huzzah! now all that needs to be done is to gate them...and invest them...and burn them out...and cast them...and clean them up...

ok. still. rejoicing is still in order. see?

and now, for something completely different.

Saami shawl: fringe needs to be finished, ideally by June- but if I work on it for too long my fingers start to feel like they're bleeding internally.

To make me feel less ashamed for its long period of dormancy: proof of my dedication (read insanity) in the form of a Dr Who scarf.

And look! a Jayne Hat for Lisa. and a slipper that I'm kind of sort of not really following the pattern for which is really notsogreat of an idea because I've crocheted a grand total of oh three things. a shawl/scarfy thing, an mp3 carrycase, and a baglet.

I know. Doesn't look very slipper-like. Ah, well. We'll see. The first one I tried would have maybe fit an eight year old. With wonky feet.

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