Monday, April 17, 2006

we didn't start the fire...

Drove home this weekend to get some summer clothes and to give Kates her hat. Learned several things:

1) people give you weird looks when you stop and climb up to the "welcome to X" sign and pose in front of it in a funny-looking (but cunning!) hat. silly people. It's a Jayne hat, and it's Canton...though I am no hero of Canton.

2) a mini bag of popcorn + microwave preset popcorn button = (see below.) poor Katy. So distracted by the Jayne hat that I don't think her basement will ever be the same.

3) Barnes and Noble is the best store ever because they have blackberry green tea frappachini and books and cozy chairs and asiago pretzels and because they're open on Easter Sunday, unlike everything else. See? a little cluster of happy cars sitting in front of the happy store while parking spaces in front of Byerly's and Target and all the other stores in the little strip mall-let languish untaken.

4) mini-breaks always go far too quickly. Matt's lizard laid an egg. Ovid survived me forgetting to close the window and my room getting a bit chilly. I am sorely tempted to get a spotted puffer fish. that, however, requires another tank. sigh.

I have another inch knit on my next Jayne hat (lisa) and knit another row on my just takes so long! I don't think I want to know how many stitches I have now. too many. Maybe I'll work out a system where I knit a row, then go crochet something to give to someone random just so I don't have to feel like I'm in a time warp and that I can actually finish projects. whoo.

it's Gretchen's birthday today. Happy Birthday Gretchen.

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Anonymous said...

I totally love you.

And yes, it was the Jayne hat distracting me.

My poor basement. lol...