Saturday, September 16, 2006

da da da daaaaa

my life is in my car.
my car is driving to tacoma.
my brain and sanity are lost somewhere along the road.
are we having fun yet?

spent a week with matt running around minneapolis. (yaaay)
pirates of the caribbean still rocks.
I didn't want to demand my 6 bucks back from Snakes on a Plane (every time I think of that title I get this image of CMOT Dibbler standing in a street saying "Snakes! Snakes onna Plane! Inna bun!" and I laugh, and avoid explaining to everyone around me why I'm chortling.) ...if you want to know, check out terry pratchett's discworld series.
yay for the zoo. hoorah for confusing silly little prairie dogs.
yay for sharks 3d at the imax.
yay for legoland at the mall. (drool drool salivate drool)
yay for the mpls sculpture garden.
slightly less yay for the walker, in its prissy ucky refusal to show minnesotan artwork.
yay for yarn. mmmm. yarn.
yay of absoluteness for the renaissance festival. twice. oh yeah. and yay for boy in kilt.

drove to moorhead.
drove to bismark. had a-maz-ing food at the east 40 chophouse.
drove to billings.
drove to spokane.
now we're going to drive east (for something different) and go to the coffeehouse/glassblower's shop in coeur d'alene and have coffee and blow glass. yep.

and then we'll drive to tacoma. yaaaay.

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