Friday, September 01, 2006


aaaah. after wonderful week at the lake, I am back in the city staying at a friend's until I can wake up eaaaarly tomorrow and go pick up my fiance at the airport. early. guh. then maybe off to renfest. and get my fish from the wright's to teri/lisa. ovid gets to be pampered! hehe.
at the lake I have:
~read three books.
~knit and designed matt's hatt. it will be presented to him at the airport. if he doesn't react with the appropriate level of response, he IS being left at said airport.
~watched a season and a half of Coupling, a few episodes of McCallum, and two episodes of Slings and Arrows. (BBC overdose, what?)
~sewn the most cushy cuddly overgrown baby blanket ever (I have reaffirmed my hatred of slinky fabrics that defy decent pinning and speed of sewing. bah. retroactive thanks to my mum for apparantly-evil halloween costumes.)
~knit half of a scarf to be felted and embroidered with the very last tailings of the wristlet yarn.
~finally-FINALLY! mailed off package to said secret pal. hope she likes it.
~did a bunch of writing- albiet mostly in my head, but that's ok.
ok. time for sleep. the mullin's funny little baby ewok dog is barking at the wall- it's very entertaining. yay! tomorrow I get new glasses!


Anonymous said...

'hello, is it me you're looking for'

a nd the answer is yes, because you haven't returned my phonecall yet. grr. not grrarr

anyway miss you muah!


Patty said...


Please send your current address to your SP8 spolier, she can't send you something until she knows where you are now.

Check your emails, I've emailed you and so has she. Keep me updated, okay? You do want to know who your spoiler is, don't you? :-)

SP8 Hostess