Friday, September 22, 2006

just when you think it's safe...

...the internet finds a way to freak you the hell out. a reenactment:
so I'm bumming around the internet, just chilling and enjoying the fact that it's free and there's good coffee and it's washington state (woo!). I stumble across a mention of Felter's Grove and went...huh, it's like the band from high school, Fetters Grove. so I decide to google "Fetters Grove," not expecting a response, but (tada!) it pops up with a bio of a different band. I read, confused, and apparantly Blake has poof appeared with a band called Middle Rhythm Session in florida. woo! maybe they'll make it big and then I can wander around going "hey. I know that guy. I have pictures from a jam session in the school caf." and paparazzi will hound me begging for copies.
on second thought, maybe they should just stay successful in florida.

Hey! Knitting!
I started on a "sweater" in a lacy open pattern from Drops in a recycled sari yarn. I have now learned: do not make mistakes with recycled sari yarn. you will not be able to rip it back. ever. (that was on a crocheted project; it might be better with knit. then again I might just be delusional.)

Wristlets out a, it's not going to come. my one experience of SWS, a cousin of Single Sock Syndrome. I finally got over it and gave them to Aunt Helen. pattern is out of my very own brain. still unsure of the wisdom of making wristlets out of this stuff- it's got a huge color repeat. in fact I'm not even sure it does repeat. oh well. they look nice together and they made all the counselors at sup sugoi hosu very jealous that I wouldn't knit them a pair. I would, but...not 11 pairs in one week. that approaches Dr Who Remix insanity. Wristlets go fast, but on iittle needles and when you're trying to make your bobbly lace pattern go one way on one hand and one way on the other...twitchy. mit thumbhole, although I think I'd do these again with a more substantial over-the-knuckle presence.

And now, cabley wristlets out of bamboo yarn (A.M.) from Michelle (I have too much fun on that website.) these were given to my no-longer-secret pal Suzie. Another pattern from my brain, although I have since learned that yes, maybe, row counters are a goood thing when working with a variable-thickness yarn. one of my repeats is a tad long and when I realized it I decided- nah. it's not going to be that visible, it'll be ok. (I was in the middle of binding off, ok? forgive the laziness.)
ok, so I should have fixed it. I know this. it gets to share in the shame of the Dr Who Remix.
what shame of the Dr Who Remix, you say? oh.

Behold my shame.

The Dr Who scarf, remixed. it' can see. I've progressed with seven bands of color since it was last posted (I think) but...I'm in the middle of one of the 57 rows of one color bits and it's just too depressing. the knitterly black hole, as it were (I got the Yarn Harlot's Meditations for People Who Knit Too Much from my secret pal). I also got a tile that says "the only good language is a dead language" in english and latin and has a list of dead languages in the background. glee!
Lars, I do swear that you will eventually have a scarf. may be in the home,'ll have a scarf.

oh, and I learned, on our drive through the country, how to make my mother very twitchy and nervy. it's quite simple: ask her to drive slowly through a buffalo herd so I can take pictures of them out the window/sunroof. at the point illustrated below she decided I was insane and accelerated., for some reason blogger doesn't want to upload that picture. use your imagination.

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