Tuesday, September 26, 2006


hm. I may have to change my standard set of random sayings. 'waha' now looks like it should have al- as a prefix, and it alone just looks funny. anyway.

I decided today was a poofy-shirt day, so I dug out my ren fest poofy white shirt and put it on.
bad idea. matt was the last one to wear it, so it smells like him. now I've gone all boy-mopy. siiigh.

did I mention that my secret pal rocked even though I disappeared right after and she couldn't get her last package to me (bad me, no biscuit) but that I did get it? a lovely the-only-good-language-is-a-dead-language tile and meditations for women who knit too much, which so far has been making me laugh just about every time I pick it up.

I have now knit the back of my recycled sari yarn sweatery thing. it's making my head hurt, because the first time I looked at it I went...no way is the front going to be the same as the back. my boobs are not fitting in that. and then I pinned it to a different sweater, and now I thing it might. but I'm also thinking that maybe it'll stretch funny and look weird and that I should play with the pattern anyway. bah. anyway, here it is.

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