Monday, October 02, 2006

"I am the monarch of the sea..." (too much indy.)

sooo....I'm down to seven days before I fly out to MA. ...sooo I should probably get packing, eh- which is sort of ironic because I haven't unpacked fully yet but oh well. yeah.

I started knitting the front half of the sari yarn sweater. luckily I have a ways to go yet before I decide whether or not I'm playing with the pattern.

my ticket home from tahiti is...get this...three times more expensive than my tickets from seattle to boston, from boston to chicago to minneapolis, and from minneapolis to tahiti. combined.


hooray for airlines with monopolies. maybe I should just try to sail home. I'll just go Kon-Tiki style. yeah. that'll work.

ouch. I can't think about it. I get twitchy. back to knitting-

I ripped apart my stash yesterday to get at a circular needle for mom. now I want to figure out how to make it look not-exploded. maybe I'll just stuff it all in the windowseat. yeah. good plan. no. I'll figure it out later. hah.

my brain's in a hyper-writing mode. I can't keep up with it; but now I have about seven pages of chaotic marit-code that hopefully wll remind me enough of the scenarios that I haven't put down yet on paper. they're stuck in distilled- no, more like a redwine reduction- they're stuck in reduction mode. brief sketchy descriptions and confusing lines of dialogue. whee. james joyce would be laughing his head off if he could read them- he'd then say I have no call for mocking stream of consciousness. ah well.

look! Buffalo!

this is the buffalo I made mom drive past slowly while I leaned across her to get the picture. she made a few entertaining noises and then accelerated very quickly away when (she says) it looked at her funny.

apparantly she doesn't think the audi is buffalo-proof.

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