Wednesday, October 18, 2006

because I just fried my brain on tomorrow's presentation, and need salvation before starting my summary.

Your Life: The Soundtrack
Opening credits:Folk Dance from Romeo and Juliet- Prokofiev
Waking up:Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll- The Killers
Average day:Blow Me- Turbonegro
First date:Overtid- Momosoma
Falling in love:Wheel of Fortune- Dead Man's Chest Sdtk
Love scene:Margit Hjukse- GÅte
Fight scene:Chewin' Fingers- Gluecifer
Breaking up:Ultrasonic Sound- Hive
Getting back together:A Winter Tune- Eilif Svensson
Secret love:Church on Sunday- Green Day
Life's okay:The Imperial March- John Williams
Mental breakdown:What's Another Day- Maria Mena
Driving:Ut- De Lillos
Learning a lesson:Shoop Shoop Song- Rockapella and the Nylons
Deep thought:Symphony #3 in C minor op 78 "Organ" -Saint Saens
Flashback:Allegro from Oboe Concerto #1 in Bb Major- Empire Brass with Bill Kuhlman (handel)
Partying:Fullstendig Oppslukt av Flukt- De Lillos
Happy dance:Skip Under Lide- Lumsk
Regretting:Incomplete- Pamyua
Long night alone:Åsgardsreisa- Lumsk
Death scene:I Got Mad (Tatu Remix)- DJ Otsta
Closing credits:Venelite- GÅte
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