Wednesday, October 11, 2006

east coast style

so I've moved into my little cottage thing which I share with 9 other girls and have set up a schedule for cooking and cleaning (tonight was a lovely little veggie stirfry. I'm plotting a sweet fruit salsa-y thing and gado-gado for when it's my turn.)

the redeye was entertaining. I sat next to a chad-clone and he was entertaining until he fell asleep. we sat on the tarmac for awhile- apparantly finding burn marks on wheels is a bad thing. landed in Boston and wandered around dazedly until coffee was found (huzzah!) then sat out on the sidewalk for about an hour (was supposed to be, anyway, until the bus that was supposed to arrive at 0915 arrived at 0950, which sent me into exhausted panic stuff) and then slept on the bus. ran into two guys, one on my trip, the other going on the atlantic trip, and we had a lovely evil long walk after we got off the bus in Falmouth. here's what we did:

walk out of bus station; spot bike path. "hey, wasn't the school practically on the path?"
we proceed on bike path.
we cross a road. no sign. "let's keep going."
we proceed on bike path.
still proceeding.
yep, still proceeding. it's hot, and we have all our luggage. I'm wearing crappy shoes.
we realize we're about to hit ocean. oops. we turn onto road.
we walk along road until we hit a streetlight, and road construction.
we turn right, after asking several motorists just where the hell woods hole road is (which was 28th st- or, the road we crossed first.)
we walk along road, turn left into school, up the hill, and register, then walk down the hill into our houses and fall over.

here's what we should have done: proceed on bike path. turn right on road. walk around bend and into school.

oh well. at least it was nice and sunny, not cold and rainy like today.

ah, but today...

today, we took a tour of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI)/MBL library and got our picture taken for our cards. ooo.

then, we got to take a tour of WHOI's Oceanus ship and see all the fun toys you see in National Geographic or Discovery Channel stuff. giant winches, all sorts of fun beepy electronic things, entertaining montages (i.e. the little joystick, very technical-looking that is used to steer the ship; in front of it, however, is a little plate that says <---to left to right--->. I have a picture of it, but not yet on the puter.

then we walked into the other slip and got to salivate over the Corwith Cramer, which is the ship that the atlantic crews use. (ours is the Robert C Seamans). Still. all gloriously terrifying in its beauty of lines and canvas and scientific toys.

then three of us went to the pie in the sky coffeehouse and got coffee. mmm.

but in non SEA stuff-

almost done with the sari sweater thing, although I have to buy more yarn if I want sleeves.
started Elsebet's wristlets on the plane.
there are some knitters here, but it seems like most of them left the yarn at home.

super jealous of all the WA skoganites, because there's viking day this weekend and I'm going to be up at dawn for some nautical science thing and then later some kayaking. whoo!

I like my Chacos, but they're a tad...fiddly.

I think that sort of concludes the randomness. Wait, no. I hate books with pseudo science written for a lay audience. Although that's not entirely true- some of the James Rollins stuff is nice entertaining fluffy reading. (buckyballs in the blood? queen of sheba? what? carnivorous pseudosentient trees?) maybe it's just that we've been forced into reading Michael Crichton's State of Fear. reiteration after reiteration after reiteration...I mean seriously, once you've had 100 pages to convert one character away from blind ecoactivism/terrorism, you really don't need to spend another 200 pages converting two other characters. that's when you use the literary equivalent to a cut scene. blarg. the graphs and footnotes are also very annoying, both because they disrupt the page and because it's impersonating a scientific paper. and I hate being thrashed over the head with the same 'stunning revelations' every 30 pages. it's the same problem I had with the Da Vinci Code.

ok. thus concludes the randomness.

oh, and I love my jacket.

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Anonymous said...

I require address so I can write you letters.

Ps, i wanted to wear jaynehat to work today, but it woulda flattened my newly short hair. :(

love kapes