Sunday, October 15, 2006


apologies for being incommunicado. it's always entertaining when the internet companies decide to fight over who's paying whom and cuts off the internet to any subscriber to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute's internet system. which means, in this town, practically everybody.

it's back now. obviously.

went out for sushi last night with the entire crew of the Seamans (except for two), which meant that a horde of 18 students descended on this tiny hole-in-the-wall sushi place. very good, though. I had sashimi and gyoza and some edamame and some sake and mochi ice cream. mmm.

still miss bibim bap.

this has not been a good year for chargers. first I lose my mp3 player charger somewhere in canada, then I leave my phone charger at home in WA, and now the replacement mp3 player charger that I picked up (having been promised that it would work with my player though it (the charger) is generic) doesn't work. gr. trying to track down a real charger is becoming difficult. ah, well. eventually...

lots of reading to do before lunchtime barbeque. and cleaning.
started Jayne Hat the 3rd.

I may have locked myself into knitting (or teaching people how to knit) 20(ish) 'life aquatic zissou' hats. I should probably find a picture; I've never seen the movie.

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