Sunday, October 29, 2006


boston is an entertaining city, especially when it's halloween weekend. I saw several entertaining (and very cold) people while we were walking around. I think the winner for "most likely to regret this the next morning" was the man in the giant penis costume, who, although he was quite drunk and probably should have been hauled off in one of the passing police cars for a night of detox, never managed to get either a taxi or a police car to stop. If I'd been in the police car, I probably wouldn't have stopped either. I have a feeling things like that end up in lockers and posted on precinct walls for months afterward.

I scared ro's boy and his roommates and ro's brother when they decided to put on Gone in 60 Seconds. Ro and Maggi and I were going to get our naut on (do our nautical science homework) but I'd forgotten to bring my almanac so I decided instead to read my articles to start a framework for my character for our policy class; however, when I looked over and saw the credits rolling I decided that since I'd be distracted anyway I might as well give up and watch. I kept the articles on my lap, though, so I could pretend I was studying. one of the boys said "we could watch a movie with a plot, you know," and although we all started responding, I responded fastest with "but with these cars, you don't need plot." then they were confused when I went back to my homework after they put in Fast and Furious after the movie ended. they accused me of being a car elitist, to which I agreed. Gone in 60 is an ok movie with amazing cars; Fast and Furious is a bad movie with bad, boring cars.

I also can't wait for the new bond movie. just for the Aston.

I have finished the first Zissou hat. so far, the reactions have been mixed- they're excited about it, but think it rather unfortunately resembles...well, it's been dubbed the condom hat.

I think I'll be revamping the design.

I tried submitting a post by email again on friday, but failed. it was about me being willing to surgically remove my uterus with my teeth. I'm less willing to do that today; ahh, the wonders of advil. and cocoa.

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