Tuesday, November 06, 2007

and what did we learn today, class?

1) don't forget; when you draw out the chart such that you are pleasèd, and you write out the stitches such that you mightst knit while BARTing, and you are working on straight needles and not in the round you must reverse every purl row, else you get modern art knitting.

(ok, technically I learned that yesterday. oh well.)

2) go ahead and experiment- yes, yes, a pumpkin pie crust made of panko, butter, and diverse spices is worth a shot...but please remember....put the pie on the tray, yes. now put the cookie sheet under the pie! NOW! because otherwise the three smoke detectors freak out and the house fills up with pseudo-smoke and The Boy makes worried noises and makes you go Marit Smash!

(guess I get to clean the oven tomorrow. woo, hoo.)

3) the second you're the only one left in the building, everyone and their mother will call, and your phone will start to freak out.

4) contrary to popular belief, when someone is on speakerphone, pushing the 'speakerphone' button will not then direct them to your headset, but instead hang up on them.

5) can I get a do over?

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