Wednesday, November 21, 2007

heh. if he only knew...

I'm sure The Boy has decided I'm hopelessly bizarre.

I mean bizarre going beyond the usual girl-bizarre or artfreak-bizarre or fibre-bizarre or...ok, so there's lots of ways I'm bizarre. shutup. back to why...

This time, it's because I name things. namely technology. What's a good name for your computer? Marit's computer. The Boy's computer. (a long line of epithets? ...I digress)

or Seshet? she's an egyptian goddess of writing, among other things. My last computer (The Beast) was named Thoth, who is also in the egyptian pantheon- law and writing and scribes. (sensing a theme?) with the death of The Beast, Thoth is now one of my flash drives. the other two are Sekhmet (war/sun goddess) and Set (death/foreigners). The USB hub I just got (spoilt, I was, by my 4-usb builtins on The Beast) has been dubbed Naunet (primordial ocean). Since Seshet (the mac, remember?) has recently been diagnosed as having DID (i.e. The Boy bought me Leopard and did arcane things to it such that I now have 2 computers; 1 mac, 1 windows- on the same laptop) I had to come up with names for the 'two' hard drives- thus Neith (war/hunting/loom/sea) and Ptah (stonecrafts) were bestowed upon them. My external hard drive is Maat (truth/writing/law, also spouse of Thoth, which made more sense when Thoth was a laptop and not a flash drive, but oh well) and my iPod (which is still not as awesome as my creative zen micro, by the way, despite all the shiny toys available to me now) is Nuht (night). the headset for my phone is Bastet (cat) because it works when it wants to, which isn't very often.

This makes absolutely no sense to The Boy. I don't really mind.

you might ask, why egyptian? I have no idea. I named my very first computer Thoth (so, I guess, strictly speaking, The Beast was Thoth II, although I may have named one of them Djehuty, which is an anglicization of the actual hieroglyphics used to spell out Thoth) and then just kind of went from there.

ok. off to flip the turkey. whoo, defrosting...ugh...

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