Wednesday, November 07, 2007

wanna bikkit!

...but instead I'll settle for

Meet Phronima.

yes, that's right, I named a betta after a parasitic hyperiid amphipod. shutup.

and yes, that is a little action figure of luke skywalker with his lightsaber in hoth getup. the white blurs off stage right are the leg and arm of a Leia action figure with a blaster in hoth getup. why do I have them in my betta tank? because my neptune figurine is a little too big, they were just sitting around randomly gathering dust, adn because it makes me smile to see the expressions on their little plastic faces. it's like they're going ...this is no ice planet...this is a...ohmygod what's that? aaaack! why can't I move? it's like I'm stuck in this strange, pseudo-dynamic position? nooooo!


I warned you that physics was driving me insane. if you didn't believe me, that's your own fault.

the suspense of the pattern swatch continues...

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