Thursday, November 01, 2007

things I've learned this week:

1) don't trust the microwave timer. it lies. the paj-ers was salvageable, though.

2) if the bottle the mixer comes in is really cool, they've spent more money on the bottle than the mixer. it will taste like orange kool-aid, and not at all like a 'monster mango' margarita.

3) it is possible, if you're a) inventive b) insane c) desperate enough, to make a passable semblance of whipped cream in a cocktail shaker.

4) knitting is a source of fascination to really really drunk people on BART.

5) berkeley pizza joints got nothin' on pizzaria uno. (although that should be obvious, and I tried to spell 'pizzaria' as 'pizzarea' and then frowned, trying to figure out why my presentation on caesarea maritima had popped suddenly into my head before going ....ah.)

6) 5.6 earthquakes in san jose really freak out the fishy. yes, that's right, I've finally lost my california earthquake virginity. hoorah. and I'm living on the Hayward fault. hoo...rah?

7) physics still sucks.

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