Sunday, November 18, 2007

le sigh

if this were a just and fair world, the foggy chill outside my window would bear snow.

but it won't.


on the other hand, a block away there's a bunch of trees with fallen leaves and a little corridor into which the prevailing winds blow all of when I walk back from my bus I can crunch through them gleefully.

so check this out:yep, that's The Beast. deconstructed into bits after it was declared deceased by Dr Boy.

a day after its failed resurrection, I got an email from Alienware saying they were starting a new credit program where I could send them my old laptop and they'd either give me store credit, credit towards a new equivalent laptop, or just a plain old check.

aaah, murphy.

got my ravelry account! now I just have to figure out how to use flickr...

christmas list:
fingerless mitts
shooting mitts
Scarf of Doom
Plot #1
Plot #2 I have a hope? how many days? hm...

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