Sunday, November 11, 2007

o the joys of the internet...

Jayne hat baby!

Love parents who start their kids out right. Makes me want to knit a jayne hat. maybe I'll knit a jayne hat for some random person.

raining! hooray!

The Boy and I constructed kung pao chicken tonight. slow burn build to serious chili. egg nog preferred treatment.

had fun wandering around the internet looking at our native snakes and spiders. and the crazy uckiness that is spider bites. and the crazy psychosis that is "hey, I've got a big supperating wound on my hand; I'm going to lance and drain it myself with a turkey baster and rub it with essential oils and then post pictures of it as a brown recluse spider bite."
a) don't. self. medicate. at least not until after you've been to the ER.
b) brown recluse spiders = common in midwest. bites = not so common.
c) don't. self. medicate.


yet another reason why I don't want to be a physician.

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