Thursday, January 17, 2008

...and if you really want your brain to hurt...

so I was bumming around YouTube tonight, as a service to a friend, trying to translate a Ravi-DJ Løv song.

don't go there. therein lies...ouchyness. it's a very cute song, cute as only a very naughty tongue in cheek nordmann can be.

Don't click the linkies if you don't want to listen to a song with the word 'f*ck' in it. and don't read farther if you don't want to read the word uncensored.

um, yeah. anyway. sorry. I'm feeling skittish about "teh internetz" after the grammatical showdown of yesterday. I must just accept that the facebook group Udo invited me to is indeed correct- I am over 40, yet in my 20's. except then I think the rest of this post is invalid. whatever. shrug.

so. I thought that Ravi was enough brain hurty for the evening, but YouTube...oh, YouTube... always has more fun in store, which led me to this song:
Fuck Deg by Sichelle (which is sung in norwegian by a norwegian, and yeah, that means what you think it does.)

it's a pretty decent song, I thought. I can see it fitting a mood quite well, and it's blending with the post-allergy-drug-cocktail-hormonal ride I'm currently on quite well indeed. and, of course, there's the obligatory norwegian old-man parody also available.

then! aha! controversy!

it's a cover (read: steal) of Fuck Dig by Anna David (who is danish, and the original singer.)

she's clearly channeling early 90's Mariah Carey- hair and scale climbing. I like the music video for this one better, but the singing itself...well, it's too MC for me. and it's danish, so the tilbage and other fun contortions and glottal pseudo-stops make my brain hurt too much to really enjoy the song. it's not that I don't like Danes or Danish...I'm just lazy. (and there's something wrong with "tilbage" sounding like "tilbaeaeh") ...sorry, Maja, Naja, and all my other danskies.

but wait! there's more!

she sings it in german, too! Fick Dich. (eyep, still what you think it means.)

...and thaaaat right there's some brain hurty for you. the brain*fzzt*

and this music video is...strange. I can't tell what she's channeling. angry euro-tracksuit R&B? running along a dark road with redneck-like trucks veering around? no idea.

and I wish I remembered what 'angepisst' meant, because it makes me giggle whenever she sings it.

and still more!

English gets to play too!
and that's even more brain hurty, but in a different direction, because like so many english versions, it's a transliteration instead of translation, and after hearing it in norwegian and danish and knowing those words, and then hearing the english, it's just...ouch.

and it's the same video as the german one, which is slightly sad. however, apparently it's harder to channel mariah carey in german and english, because there's much less scale-climbing.

so. there you have it. brain hurty galore, and now if you've clicked on any of the linkies you, like, me, have verrry confused lyrics stuck in your head.

my work here is finished.

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