Wednesday, January 23, 2008

things that have made me giggle recently:


you might be very disturbed at what makes me giggle. I'm just sayin'.

firefly fans: yosaffbridge or yosaffbrig or yosafbrig? or yosaffbridg?

on to the giggle-inducers!

these two comics are from this website, which I blame for my accomplishing very little yesterday. the one to the right made me giggle enough that The Boy very worriedly asked if I was all right, since apparently my sniggering sounds like weeping through headphones. the one on the left was discovered much later, and did not induce the same amount of giggling.

it was still pretty funny, though.

Giggle Exhibit 2:
...because it's sinfest. and it reminds me of all those lovely hours spent in the MBL-WHOI library. mmm...mblwhoi.

Giggle Exhibit 3:finally, a Nemi comic I don't have to translate! ...there's actually a lot of them, but still. and if you want more entertaining skrik-related stuff...there's always the Klart Du Kan! parodi. it is in Norwegian, and it is hi-larious. finding this in valhall while searching for appropriate-to-show-to-american-kids commercials made the whole thing worthwhile. well...actually it was the kjempenorsk commercial, but you know. (it's a help line, and the guy calls for help with his drill, which only pushes the screw in, not out. the voiceover at the end says "Steal a Munch? Sure You Can!" :P)

Giggle Exhibit 4:...physics starts too soon. siigh.

and this one, while not making me giggle per se, made me go...yes! win! take that, English First-ies!

and I hope that his friend was a bystander, or the cherokee speaker, otherwise...ouch.

and this one just made me smile, because I know these two people. Maybe not the same ones as the artist/writer, but...I definitely know them.

all the above (in Giggle Exhibit 4) are from this website, which I got through a convoluted manner from my fellow god* Andrew.
*(god in this instance refers to we who control your soundboard. we are the voice in the darkness. we can make you sound awesome...or like screechy death. do not mock us. and do not make us mic every single actor with crappy mics that feed back when approached by another mic within 3 feet when all the actors are going to be dancing closely. especially when half of them don't need the damn things.)

...there might have been some scarring due to West Side Story...sorry.

Giggle Exhibit 5:

yes, more of the badly-spelled (oh, what am I kidding? it's a different freakin' dialect.) images from the lolkatz website.
my first impression for the mythbusters kitty, what did they do to that cat? followed closely by...yep. wow. it is the heineman kitty.

And I want to know how many google searches for 'sisyphus' were caused by this image, because I am old and crotchety and certain that that website is not the right demographic.

so there you have it. things that have made me giggle (or whatever) recently.

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