Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jeg vil ha snø!

I want snow! all y'all who are complaining about the snow or stuck in cooold coold weather without snow (sorri, lars..)

send it to me!

...and I saw this picture on this blog by Malin (which you gotta check out, because she knits gorgeously and like a fiend and has the cutest kids imaginable- living jan brett paintings!)

and laughed out loud, because this...

is Norway in a Nutshell.

it's like when I came back early from påskeferie (easter break) and went for a run (because it was gorgeous and sunny and after winter in alta, that's big news) and passed Maren and Inger Johanne and someone who I've forgotten sunbathing in their swimsuits and liggeunderlag (of's påske, and alta, so it was maybe 50 degrees fahrenheit, but, then again, it's påske, and alta...) and met a well-swaddled Bjarne hobbling determinedly around on his tiiiny skis glaring at the ground going...there's snow. I have skis. even though he was barely 2. if he was even 2. I don't remember.


last night I and the boy were playing some world of warcraft (he was off playing with things that would eat my face, and I was running around in the newbie playground trying not to get eaten by giant bears and weird pseudo-satyr-things)


So a quest takes me to a town, and in this town I get another quest- to go talk to Captain Vimes.

Vimes! Whee! the Pratchett is taking over the world!

see?Me and the Vimes. he's actually not as short as he looks, because I (as a dranaei) am (according to the boy) "freakishly tall demon goat-girl." (you can't see the hooves in this picture.) He's just jealous that I'm taller than him in-game.

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