Saturday, January 05, 2008


so, excitement!

we're now on our third straight day of rain, which is exciting for the bay area- the land that weather forgot.

and just now, a rolling crack of thunder was heard across the plains. I know. you're not impressed. but here's the deal...coastal zones...don't thunder. it's rare.

I'm happy.

and I shall remain happy as long as we have a) power b) no flooding c) the neighbor's tree stays up.

The Boy and I celebrated New Year's in true nerd fashion: I constructed steaks, we drank champagne mixed with chambord, and we watched Planet Earth. whee!

we'll see if that worked. 'tis my character. I finally gave in to The Boy and gave him a christmas present of me playing World of Warcraft. he's been trying to get me to play for years. So. that's me.

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