Wednesday, January 16, 2008

imagine translating They Might Be Giants into a foreign language.

Kaisers Orchestra: Dekk Bord
(my translation...)

it was a long winter but soon enough it became summer
and all the people partied
there were hard nights and a lot of blood and tears
and the captain worked like a horse
he was a strange little creature who was hungry from experience
but the rations were mostly water and wheat
he stood at the wheel the whole day, with the helm toward Skagen
and the fastest way to Cape Horn
set the table*

when it was quiet on the sea, I should have some free time
everyone sat down and played cards
the captain dealt, the rest played
and the money shifted owners pretty fast
Carlos was doubting while many others smiled
they said they'd take Carlos for everything he had
and later when the judgement fell Carlos had lost everything
it was because he gathered only change

row row home to Translyvania
forget your personalities and other trivialities
set the table*, send a telegram to Victoria
for soon I'm going to arrive

A pair of men I'd lost, Carlos was the last
it happened when we put in at Marseilles
he lost a drinking contest with the belgian chimpanzee
and now he sails no more
in hong kong it was chaos, I went on the dock outside laos
I never thought I'd come away alive
but a laos-born came out and thought our ship was god
and let us out to the open sea
set the table*

Now, I'm sure that Dekk Bord doesn't actually mean set the table, but it's Kaisers Orchestra, and they're.....reaaally hard to translate. like whoa.

but when you listen to the song, you can't really catch most of the lyrics. but Dekk Bord is repeated multiple times, as in "viiiictooria, dekk bord, viiiictoria dekk bord dekk bord"... really, all your brain hears is "set the table, viiictoria, set the table set the table..."

...yeah. I'm just...gonna...go...over here now.

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