Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I am in such trouble...

...because of this.

as if I needed another webcomic. and especially one with 5 years of MTWThF archives.

but it's legos. and star wars/trek/generic geeky parodies. and legos. and 'Late Night with Boba Fett.' and legos.

did I mention legos?

went for my interview with The Picture People yesterday. went fairly well. we'll find out tomorrow how I did.

have also (re)discovered that my breasts are not italian. so I thought that, for once, there might be something standard about women's apparel...

...I know. way more than futile.

can I also mention how much I hate it when authors end their books, mostly resolved, and then tack on an apparent non sequitur? especially when it's a blatant lead-in for the next book? and that ok, fine, I did understand, but that's only because in true Pollei fashion I read book 3 before books 1 and 2?
(and really...a dark night on a heavily-forested florence hillside, being chased by boar hounds and men with guns, with no can distinguish eye color of the strange shadowy man you blunder into? ok yes dramatic lead in for the ending, but still. lesigh.)

am knitting with fervent fingers on a project that shall remain nameless because I'm going to submit it to Knitty, which means I can't talk about it or I'll have to kill you. at least until it gets published. or rejected. which is very likely, because it's quirky and strange and dependant on a deep passion for firefly. or at least a twisted sense of humor.

still. based on the number of Jayne Hats I've seen around...

there's hope.

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