Tuesday, May 02, 2006

factum esse.

finally. it's done. my globe is ensconced (that looks wrong, but I'm at the point where the part of me that cares is overruled by the rest of me.) in investment. my hands are rather harrowingly encased in investment. they separated as I was pouring. much panic. wailing, gnashing of teeth, etc. but- I think (hope/pray/beg/plead/sacrificing may be in order) I may have saved it. one, at least, will pour for certain. sigh. anyway.

around 300 pounds of investment later...they're done.

I thought I had until thursday to invest the models, but came to find out at 1100 this morning that nope, they need to be done by wednesday morning. Josh and I have been working on and off all day today from 1100 and we just finished at 0100. thank you ron the security guy, you saved our lives. (he let us stay in the building an hour after we were supposed to be kicked out. I suppose looking desperate and being covered in plaster and white goo adds to your case.)

also moved around 5000 pounds of various powdery things today. two pallets, one of plaster and one of silica. coerced matt into helping. ran the cart over my heel. it looks...interesting. purply and gooshy. we'll see what it looks like tomorrow.

now, it's time for shower. then finish the caesarea presentation roughcut and the 40 or so lines of cicero to translate (though...I might just ask Shari if we can translate it in class. we'll see how long the coffee lasts.).

as my baritone prof said:
"well, you can sleep when you've graduated. well, you're a bio major. you can sleep....well, you can sleep when you're dead."

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