Saturday, May 06, 2006

the merry wives...

Went to Merry Wives of Windsor opera today. Twas interesting. I know the guy running lights so I was prepared for the ...unique (read bad) style, but was pretty unprepared for the costuming. I kept getting distracted from the singing by the lengths (ankles? girls? Elizabethan? I don't think so...) but it grew on me and all was well until the elves appeared. Wearing essentially burgundy burlap sacks. You can't be light and flighty and elven in burlap. Well, you can, but it takes years of training- which a few of the girls had, which made things worse because they were believable and all I could think of the rest of the cast was "man, they look so uncomfortable in those..."
But still. entertaining show.

My main resource for my Jazz History final project is, I have just discovered, going to be most annoying to read. Anything that spends 20 pages detailing the difficulty the author had in making the switch from calling female swing musicians and their groups "Women Bands" to "All-girl bands" to just plain all-girl bands is painful. especially when she was forced to make the switch in empowerment at the request and insistence of the bandmembers themselves.

Tomorrow I'm off to the Science Museum with Erilynn and Kirsten for some BodyWorlds fun. whee!

Found out La Rana has Hansa, and now I am happy. mmm Norwegian beer.

finished a kanji wristlet; just have to rip out a bit so I can make the edges "not all...rolly" as per Chad's request then knit the other.

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