Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I have discovered podcasts. (well, downloaded, anyway).

Finished kanji wristlets. Chad was most pleased; I'll have a picture for you as soon as I clear it with him.

having issues with my "most important women in jazz you've ever / never heard of" CD- funny thing about wartime/early recording/women recording in that it really didn't happen much. or if it did...it happened on LPs, none of which I can turn into a CD because while I do know how to...
...I'm really just not willing to put in the effort. Not for this class. Not for this professor.
Although if you want a quick way to blow about 30 bucks on Rhapsody Online...be slightly OCD on projects of this sort. ah well.

warning: old and crotchety rant.
so for the past several days (if not weeks) the campus cafe, which is supposed to close at midnight with fryer food going closed at 10pm and oven food going closed at 11pm (which leaves you with blended slushies/shakes, espresso based beverages, whatever's left of the bagel sandwiches/sushi/bottled juices/yogurt parfaits etc (which is usually sad and sketchy), soda based beverages, cookies, and nachos. makes sense. whee.
lately they've been closing the kitchen at ridiculous times. like 9pm. today at nine: no food of any sort from kitchen. not even nachos, which (as we all know) can be made in 30 seconds by a single-celled organism with access to a microwave. tissue paper-chips-cheese-nuke-throw in basket-done. With four students and a manager working (even if they're two people short) you should be able to manage nachos. they closed blendy drinks at 1030. so...no kitchen. no blendy drinks. and 2 and a half hours left before closing. gr. so bitter. our post-taekwondo testing tradition of nachos and coffee/soda was broken. sad.
end old and crotchety rant.

going to knit a DNA scarf in Noro Transitions. someone tell me I'm crazy.

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