Monday, May 22, 2006

hello, blog. long time no see.

you know how in cartoons like Tom and Jerry there will sometimes be a flurry of activity set to music like Flight of the Bumblebee? that's been my life for the past week +. since my last post I have:
1) taken a jazz history final
2) driven to rochester and taken the GREs
3) finished my bronze globe
4) finished the triage on and the finishing of the bronze hands
5) finished my alabaster sculpture
6) written a 7 page paper on the art of caesarea maritima
7) taken a written comp vikings history final
8) given a presentation on the art paper
9) finished cicero's pro caelius speech and handed it in
10) taken inventory in the sculpture studio
11) begun packing
12) gotten food poisoning during baccalaureate and the day before graduation
13) gradumatated from college whee!
14) packed
15) drove home
16) been to doctor's ("oh, rosacea. welcome to the greater part of the population. it'll go away in at least six weeks." so yay, I get to keep explaining "*sigh* no, it's not a hickey." even when I leave for camp. boo.)
17) started preparing for graduation party. which is today. in...two hours. eeeep.

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