Wednesday, May 10, 2006

one more day of school!

as promised, the kanji wristlets. (and Chad.) also, because I'm random, a picture of skiing with my dad in canada. I really really really want to go telemarking right now. and be in norway. actually I want to be in norway telemarking right now. not that there's any snow up there now. spring snow, sure. not great snow, no. maybe in svalbard, but that's waaay up and inaccessible. although I could always just call tove and beg. mmm...tele...mountains....norway....finnmark.....

broke out my molds today...looks like the casting of the ball went well but the hands fared not so well. big shrinkage hole and my texture was basically destroyed by hasty repairs in mid-investing...we'll see what dale says tomorrow.

now time to write the one page paper I forgot about that's due tomorrow. honestly- what's the point? last day of classes, and a paper is due? what? bah.

one more day of classes! ever! least until grad school. or at least until the SEA semester this fall if they love me. hm.


Secret Pal said...

Nice wristlets -- what does the kanji say?

Marit fp said...

left hand, top to bottom: ichi go
right hand, top to bottom: ichi ee

ichi go ichi ee means something like "one time, one chance"