Sunday, May 14, 2006

fie on goodness, fie!

Camelot's stuck in my head again because Rob and I were talking about whether stealing darts from the small unparented children was a vice or a virtue. bah.

only eleven hours and twelve minutes until I never have to deal with my history of jazz prof again! ever! *cue triumphant brass and full hallelujah chorus...go!* but for now...ooh, how I want to *cue Ms. White impression...go!* (you know, the one from Clue. "I hated was was...Flames. Flames, on...on the side of my face...breathing, heaving, breathless breaths")

but I have found a wonderful evil timewasting turn-off-brain game. it's called CuberXtreme. it's very addictive and deceptively evil. you look at it and go "oh, it'll be nice and easy and!aaaa!" I heartily recommend it. you can find it here.

and now I have to go study. again.

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